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Charity registration no. 1075243
Company registration no. 03718895 (England & Wales)

REPORT OF THE TRUSTEES for the Year Ended 31 August 2016


Governing  document

The Milford Millenium Hall & Community Centre (the Charity) is a private limited company and is registeredwith the Charity Commission of England & Wales. Milford Millennium Shop Limited is a wholly-owned tradingsubsidiary which was incorporated in July 2014; it operates the village Charity Shop in order to raise funds forthe Charity.

The Charity is governed by a Board of Trustees, all of whom are local residents; many are retired and have aprofessional background. The Trustees endeavour to follow the best practice guidance of the CharityCommission.

The Trustees, all of whom are very active in helping with the running of the building and its activities, meetmonthly and are supported by management sub-committees made up of both volunteers and Trustees. Thisensures that all those involved in running the Charity and the Centre have a role in decision-making. TheCharity has a small number of staff managed directly by the relevant Trustees and sub-committees.

Risk management

The trustees have a duty to identify and review the risks to which the charity is exposed and to ensureappropriate controls are in place to provide reasonable assurance against fraud and error.


Objectives and aims

The Charity’s objects are to provide and manage a community centre for the benefit of the parish ofMilford-on-Sea, Lymington, Hampshire and to encourage and promote the personal and social  developmentof young people in the parish.

The Charity operates a purpose-built Community Centre which opening in September 2010, and this report isfor our sixth year of operation from this centre.  We achieve our charitable aims by:

* Hiring the facilities to local organisations and individuals resulting in a broad range of activities includingeducation,  music, art, drama, dance, exercise & fitness and local support groups;

* Running a well-staffed youth club two evenings a week. The activities are designed to promotecommunication and conversation as well as teaching our young people skills for life;

* Organising a wide range of activities and entertainment designed to have broad appeal and to be a focalpoint for the local community; many of these activities are priced in order to raise funds;

* Running a well-used café 6 days a week, providing free internet facilities and a bar which runs alongsidemost of our events; and

* Raising funds by operating a successful charity shop.


Achievement & performance

The Centre has a very active team of over 100 volunteers providing support in administration, refreshments,gardening, shop, kitchen, technical, and other activities; this enthusiastic support is what allows us to operatea café, box office and shop for six days a week and to run our extensive programme of activities.

During the last year, the Centre has again strengthened its financial position enabling the it to continue todevelop its wide range of services whilst keeping our charges as low as possible.

A major milestone has been achieved this year with the Centre achieving an operating surplus for the firsttime before the contribution from its Charity Shop subsidiary. The Shop is a vital part of our income, but it isreassuring that the funds raised here can now be used for continued development of the Centre and itsactivities rather than being a necessary part of funding our operating costs.

The satellite broadcast capability installed in 2014 has now had a full year of operation which has been highlysuccessful. Over 50% of performances have been a sell-out, including performances from ENO, NationalTheatre, Branagh Theatre, Royal Opera House and others. We now expect this investment to pay backwithin just over two years rather than the four years planned. Milford Movies, showing the latest releases andsome classics, have been well-attended. Milford Entertainers increased their performance programme toinclude two one-act plays, the pantomime, and sketches from Shakespeare’s plays. The varied  programmeof other events and activities, including a wide range of music, dance, plays, fairs and comedy all continue tobe popular.

Milford on Sea Community Centre continues to work closely with two important festivals in the village and has benefited from the generosity of both.  Milford Arts & Music festival kindly made a donation to the Community Centre in the year of £1,200, and Milford Food Week a donation of £850 who have also supported the Community Centre marketing.  The Community Centre Box Office helps to market & sell tickets for both events.

We continue to expand the range of activities provided to local groups. The Seahorses Playgroup, run byvolunteers and supported by the Centre has continued to be a success with young children and their parents.The Youth Group attendance has continued to grow and provides an increasing range of challengingactivities. We promote a monthly charity lunch and Sunday lunch club for the elderly who live alone in thevillage. Other regular group users include U3A activities, an Alzheimers group and a SIBS group.

We have maintained a high standard of maintenance for the building and its equipment and facilities. Wetake a pro-active stance in meeting our Health and Safety responsibilities, including a rolling review of ourrisk assessments.

The Charity Shop has enjoyed another hugely successful year with gross shop takings continuing to growyear-on-year through hard work and a number of sales initiatives. We have moved to 6-day opening thisyear and undertaken a major refurbishment to upgrade our storage and displays. Gift Aid registrations havecontinued to grow and we secured Gift Aid on 49% of all purchases in the year, up from 37% last year.

During the year, we have undertaken a major change to our heating system. The Biomass boiler installedwhen the Centre was built has proved to be highly unreliable over a five-year period, with complete heatingoutages, as well as very high fuel and maintenance costs. Failures have required us to employ alternativeheating arrangements on a number of occasions and has caused cancellation of some activities. A reviewby an engineering consultant deemed that changes were needed to the system at significant cost to improveits reliability, but that the physical space required to make such changes did not exist in the building.Trustees determined that it was unsustainable for the long term to continue with this state of affairs and,having reviewed options with its principle grant-funder The Big Lottery, it has replaced the Biomass boilerwith an energy-efficient Gas boiler. The changeover project was funded from the Centre’s own cashreserves and is expected to pay-back within 4-5 years.

Other investments made during the year included upgrading our cooking facilities, with a larger range cooker replacing smaller units. Our kitchen continues to be certified as 5 Star in recent Food Safety audits.


Reserves policy

In November 2014 the Trustees established a Reserves Policy with a target of £150k of free cash reserves,which is reviewed annually. In November 2016 the Trustees confirmed this to be an appropriate reservestarget. At the end of our financial year we have reserves of just over £143,000. This level of reserves hasbeen determined to:

* Provide for any major or unexpected maintenance problems, to build a Sinking Fund;

* Have provision against a period of business interruption, howsoever caused;

* Maintain a level of contingency against any unexpected shortfall in income or costs overrun in the  annualbudget;

* Provide initial funding towards any further development of the Centre’s facilities.

Financial review

Net Income for the year is £48,819 compared to £48,929 for the prior year, a slight reduction by £110.

Income decreased by £4,089 in the year to £202,097 from £206,186.  The principal changes to income  areas follows:

* Voluntary income increased by £33,605 in the year to £183,141 from £149,536.  This increase is  principallydue to growth in income from Fundraising Events, Bar & Café sales, and Donations (including Gift Aid);

* Deferred grants release was £18,855 in the year compared to £56,564 last year. This is a release toincome of grants from funders, excluding those from the Big Lottery fund. The figure calculated is to ensurethat grants released over the lifetime of the assets closely match the assets’ expected useful life. Last year’srelease included a catch-up adjustment as this grant release policy was adopted for the first time.

* Investment income was £101 compared to the. prior year’s £86.

Expenditure  decreased  by £3,979  in the  year to £153,278  from  £157,257. The  principal  changes   toexpenditure were as follows:

* Fundraising expenses increased by £13,052 and Bar & Café expenses increased by £3,613 in line  withsignificantly increased income;

* Depreciation decreased to £27,825 from £48,628 in the prior year. There has been no change to thedepreciation policy but some assets were written off and replaced in the prior year and one item was deemedby the Trustees to have a shorter useful life. This year’s depreciation charge has no  major one-offadjustments.

Capital Investment of £26,028 was made during the year. The assets purchased included:

* New heating boiler to replace previous boiler which proved to be very unreliable with significant  breakdownsand very high servicing costs;

* A large Range Cooker was purchased to support the increased demand for large catered events;

* Various furniture items including more comfortable chairs required for long satellite screenings;

* Cupboards and storage upgrades throughout the premises;

* Various office equipment items and an upgrade to the WiFi system.


The Community Centre’s trustees are:-

BOB BISHOP – Chair of Trustees
Tel:01590 645572

01590 644650

COLIN BROWN – Chair of the House Committee
01590 641466

DAVID ELLIS – Treasurer
01590 643773

01590 641641

01590 643393

ANN HOULIHAN – Volunteers
01590 0718851

01590 642067

01590 643468

PAUL WARE-LANE – Chair of the Events, Activities and Marketing Committee
01590 641371

HUGH WHITLOCK – Company Secretary
01590 643404

01590 643404